Ministry Services

Minister for you and your animal companions

Animal Chaplain

An Animal Chaplain is an ordained minister who has additional training and experience in the relationships and needs of animals and their human companions. Chaplaincy support services include (but are not limited to):

  • Animal blessing & naming ceremonies;
  • Rituals to honor transitions, such as adoption, moving, and other life/family changes;
  • Grief and loss support, memorial services, and spiritual guidance for people experiencing the deep grief of losing a loved animal companion;
  • Blessings for animal care workers;
  • Individual intuitive animal communication and Animal Reiki consultations;
  • Guidance to help you and your animal family communicate more clearly.

As an Animal Chaplain, my commitment to you is to be fully present, stand beside you in your process, use all of my skills in full integrity, and to say so if someone else can better serve you.

Minister and interfaith spiritual guide for you

An Interfaith Minister is one who has received training in the traditions and practices of the prominent world religions and faith traditions. Interfaith ministry honors the many paths of the spiritual journey, and meets you where you are on your life and spiritual path. In addition to animal chaplaincy services described above, please contact me to inquire about:

  • Guest sermons - My sermons are developed from over 15 years experience in the nonprofit sector serving homeless families with children; Scripture; growing up in an American family overseas; wisdom gained from travel, nature, children, grandchildren, and animals. (Please see the 'Resources' page for examples of condensed sermons.)
  • Memorial and Funeral services- Memorial, funeral, and celebration of life services for a deceased loved one offer the simple grace of an opportunity for mourners to experience closure, even though the feelings of grief and loss may continue. I will guide you through planning a service that best meets your needs, so that you may focus on the difficult process of saying goodbye.
  • Blessing services - A blessing service is a celebration of new beginning. Welcome a new child or animal with a blessing or naming service to acknowledge the change in your family. Smooth a life transition with a blessing service for your new home, school or job. This ritual can make what is new or different feel truly yours, as well as being an opportunity to give thanks for the abundance that sustains us all.
  • Compassionate spiritual guidance - We have heard that the Divine never asks us to carry a burden that is too great. Yet, there are times when life feels like too much! Even changes we anticipate with excitement – marriage, retirement, children – can bring unexpected feelings of loss and grief. Being compassionate with oneself through life’s events will create greater ease and acceptance/joy/satisfaction.The fabric of your life can be understood by viewing it through the lens of five major systems: the Kabbalah Tree of Life, the Native American Medicine Wheel, Dreamwork, Energy Balancing, and Labyrinths. [expand title=click here to read more]

  • The Tree of Life - The Kabbalah Tree of Life is a model that addresses every aspect of human development. Kabbalah is the wisdom tradition underlying Christianity and Judaism. The Tree of Life is a powerful tool enriched with archetypal wisdom that demonstrates how our physical, spiritual, psychological and emotional selves interconnect. It combines elements of Astrology and the Chakra system to present a blueprint for your Self. It provides a map we can follow to create a sense of well-being, increase compassion in our relationships, and awaken to our true spiritual nature. Now, more than ever, we need sacred wisdom from our own Western tradition that brings healing and mindfulness into our daily lives.
  • Native American Medicine Wheel - The sacred Native American Medicine Wheel symbolizes the individual journey we each must take to find our own path. Contained within the Medicine Wheel are the Circle of Life, the four cardinal directions, and the elemental, color, and animal aspects of ourselves. The center of the circle is the balance point and represents the Eternal. This sacred tradition is called upon with great respect and in service to the highest good of all.
  • Dreamwork - Dreams bring messages that can help us sort through the process of living. All dreams come in service to the dreamer. Dreams, whether sleeping or waking, are gifts from our deeper selves, and deserve reverence. Dreams are honored as wisdom across religious, cultural and ethnic boundaries.
  • Energy Balancing - Subtle energy fields surround you and flow through your body. Your highest state of being is experienced when this energy is clear and balanced. Blockages in your energy create physical or emotional discomfort, or dis-ease. Feelings of restlessness, clumsiness, being stuck, or that something is missing are signs that your energy is out of balance. Through light touch and mindful transmission of healing energy, the blockages clear so you can begin to heal from the inside out.
  • Labyrinths - Labyrinths are ancient tools for self discovery. During times of grief and questioning, walking the labyrinth serves as a meditation, a metaphor for life’s own journey. It is the Hero’s Journey into the unknown and back again. Building a Cretan pattern labyrinth was part of my own grief work after the deaths of my mother and my dog, Buki Akita. My invited presentations on the history, significance and uses of Labyrinths proved transformational to youth and adult groups who went on to create their own Labyrinth drawings from a seed pattern, and to explore different forms of labyrinths.[/expand]